Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Schwarzenegger Signs Ammo-Regulation Bill

New legislation that pertains to ammunition regulation was signed into law this passed Sunday in California. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, after vetoing similar legislation (3 times) since 2004, finally capitulated under the guise of "promoting public safety" and signed AB962 into law. AB962 was authored by Assemblyman Kevin de Leon, a Democrat from Los Angeles, and it enforces the following;

  • Beginning in July 2011: Dealers will be required by law to keep records of handgun ammunition sales for 5 years at a minimum. Said ammunition will have to be stored in a secure environment that is out of the customer's reach.
  • Beginning in February 2011: Purchasers of ammunition will be required by law to provide a driver's license or other state identification and a thumbprint.
  • Similar to firearm transactions, all ammunition sales will have to be face-to-face and this will disallow direct internet transactions. Any ammunition that is purchased via the internet will have to include a delivery arrangement to an authorized seller in California.
  • Record the brand, type and amount of ammunition sold or otherwise transferred.
  • Record the purchaser's or transferee's full residential address, telephone number, and date of birth.
  • It will be a crime to "knowingly sell or transfer ammunition to an individual who cannot possess it legally, which will include felons, gang members and the mentally ill."

Assemblyman de Leon was quoted as saying that this particular bill would be a valuable tool to crack down on armed, dangerous criminals and gang-bangers in our communities. Oh really? As with any anti-gun legislation prohibitive measures do not preclude the actual criminals from procuring the means to effect their criminal activity. Do the advocates of the aforementioned legislation actually believe that a gang member will simply stop shopping at Wal-mart for all of their criminal necessities?

Such effrontery is cloaked by dissemblance in order to perpetuate the fallacy that our neighborhoods will somehow be more safe by restricting our liberties. Here is a quote from Governor Schwarzenegger;

"Utilized properly, this type of information is valuable for keeping communities safe."

This is nothing more than political ideology and draconian legislation that infringes upon law-abiding citizens. In their efforts to actualize a monochromatic society with obedient, peacable citizens, politicians have essentially maintained the victimization of the innocent.


Harrison said...

This is an outrageous infringement upon civil liberties. As an NRA member and a gun owner I am very angry at this. I will be driving to Nevada to buy my ammo.

the Liberty Pen said...

I have prepared a formal letter requesting all of the relevant data that illustrates restrictive gun legislation actually makes communities safer. I will provide any responses that we receive.


If you study the history of gun control in Great Britain, you will that the British enacted measures similar to this. Today private citizens are not allowed to own fire arms. I fear we are heading down the same path.

Harrison said...

In the UK people were still dying so they banned pointy knives!

There is a measure to repeal it and it goes for a vote in January.